Medical Devices and IOT

We can develop apps and connected devices that meet the required medical device standard and give your users an outstanding experience.

We’ve created compliant software and harnessed data from devices like smartphones and smartwatches to deliver original and engaging connected health products.

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We can work with preferred third-party hardware developers or recommend our partners, managing the process from strategy to build to final delivery. Our team of expert digital designers, UX pros and developers will create, test and iterate your product until it’s beautiful, simple to use and fulfils your organisation’s goals.

With specific experience in delivering compliant medical devices, we can work within the regulatory framework and create cutting-edge medical devices that utilise technology for brilliant outcomes. Get in touch if you’re looking to bring a product to life or see what new technologies could do for you.

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Medical Devices and IOT

Case Study — Interactive physiotherapy app

Medical Devices and IOT

The Phyxercise app uses motion technology to improve patient outcomes and optimise face-to-face appointment time.

About half of all physiotherapy patients don’t complete their prescribed exercises correctly, putting pressure on limited NHS resources later down the line. With features including form check, progress tracking, and sharing data with physicians, Phyxercise is a perfect example of how new technologies can reduce that pressure.

Case Study — Elvie / Pelvic floor trainer

Medical Devices and IOT

Elvie designs cutting-edge femtech products to help women live comfortable, confident lives.

We worked with Elvie to design and build a powerful, interactive app, transforming the Elvie Trainer from a piece of silicon into a smart pelvic floor trainer. Packed with workouts, dashboards and tools, the Elvie Trainer app was a wild success with fans ranging from Khloe Kardashian to the NHS.

Case Study — Nurofen / Feversmart

Product Innovation

With Feversmart, we reimagined pain management for kids and built the very first Nurofen product to go beyond physical medicine.

Nurofen wanted to make it easier for parents to give the right medicine to little ones who may be unable to communicate their needs. Integrating with Nurofen’s smart thermometer, we created an app to give parents a full picture of their child’s health, including features like continuous monitoring, audible alerts and medicine tracking.

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