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Rich data is the lifeblood of non-personal promotion, patient engagement, outstanding public health messages and excellent websites.

Our data and analytics service collects the right intelligence, turns it into rewarding insights and presents it in lucid and precise ways. With the right data and insights, we can help you improve your digital products and services.

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When we develop your data strategy, we use methods and tools that align with your organisation’s technology stack and requirements. Then, we can turn data into insights that drive increased user engagement and tangible improvements to your product or service.

As well as measuring and tracking your digital programmes, we can create and build data-driven, user-facing products like apps and digital devices. When we collect and analyse data, we always comply with international and regional data protection standards. So whether you’re measuring behavioural changes, improving brand loyalty, or creating an app driven by data, our service can help you track, assess and incrementally improve your outcomes.

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Collection & measurement

Case Study — Haleon / Fenistil Mosquito Tracker

Collection & measurement

When you realise you’ve forgotten to pack your bite cream, it’s probably too late. Haleon wanted to find a way to help people remember their Fenistil before the bugs bite.

Partnering with IBM, we created the Fenistil Mosquito Tracker – using multiple streams of real-time data, the app crunches the numbers and forecasts the likelihood of being bitten, any time and any place.

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