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What should you say to patients and HCPs to best support them and build trust in your brand? And how should you say it?

We can help you make your digital campaigns as helpful and effective as possible by providing deep, detailed research about your target audiences.

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Understanding your audience is key to helping them and helping your organisation. Our research and insights will answer questions on who you're looking to reach and what messages resonate with them.

We can suggest a communications strategy with the right content, tone and combination of channels, making sure everything you use in your digital campaign is sensitive but effective. With user insights born from our research, we can help you design experiences and build digital assets that meet your audiences’ needs and goals. Our research makes every engagement helpful for HCPs, reassuring for patients, and valuable for you.

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HCP & Patient Research

Case study – Office for Health Improvements and Disparities – Research & Recommendations

Research & Recommendations

Healthy eating is a pillar of OHID work and a primary goal for getting the nation fitter and living longer. Recipe apps have been a part of OHID’s strategy for several years, but two key apps were built on a legacy codebase – this made them slow and expensive to maintain, so they were marked for retirement.

OHID felt that losing the content and users would be a huge shame, and Flipside Health agreed. Instead, we designed and ran a comprehensive research programme that would give OHID a rich set of strategic recommendations.

Insights from this research project are currently being put into practice to create the next generation of apps, and we can’t wait to get the new iteration into the world.

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