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How can we make taking care of a sick child less stressful?
By giving a voice to children and peace of mind to parents…

Transforming a leading pain brand for digital

Nurofen was looking for new ways to help parents take care of unwell children, and they knew technology could play a part in the solution. Flipside Health was brought in to create and build a digital product that would make it easier for parents to give their little ones the right medicine at the right time – especially to very small children who may be unable to communicate their needs.

Integrating with Nurofen’s smart thermometer, we created an app to give parents a full picture of their child’s health, including features like continuous monitoring, audible alerts and medicine tracking. Parents could quickly and easily access temperature logs and make informed decisions about when to give medicine.

Flipside Health

With a cross-platform app, Flipside Health helped Reckitt Benckiser deliver real business transformation and a market-defining new product. In addition to the front-end of the app, we leveraged our position as an Amazon partner to create a Salesforce-compatible custom backend.

After the initial success of Feversmart, we knew that a voice interaction element could help give parents that all-important peace of mind at any time of the day or night. We created an Alexa skill to use in tandem with Feversmart, so parents could ask Alexa their child’s temperature whenever they wanted and receive an immediate, accurate response. No need to wake the child or use the app – so the little one has more time to recover and parents are always in the know.

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