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How can you use technology to take care of the caregivers?
By making new knowledge easily accessible, friendly and fun.

Keeping nurses in the know

IBD is a broad and complex set of conditions with several options for treatment and symptom management. For nurses who are new to the specialism and perpetually pushed for time, getting up to speed on IBD knowledge can seem like a whole new mountain to climb.

With Lumi, Flipside Health and Takeda set out to empower and support IBD nurses by using chatbot technology. Nurses who might be feeling nervous about taking on a new, specialised area of care could access checklists, e-learning materials and useful resources with just a few taps via a friendly, ready-to-help chatbot interface.

Flipside Health built the chatbot from scratch, carefully designing a user experience with super-quick navigation. Nurses could easily access the information they need for a quick revision session or brush up on their knowledge between patients. We also created a friendly and personable character for the chatbot, making every interaction feel natural, smooth and pleasant for the user.

Using Lumi helps nurses feel appropriately armed with tools and knowledge to do the best they can in supporting their patients through all stages of living with IBD. The chatbot has also been able to improve the reputation and awareness of Takeda as a provider of treatment options amongst specialists, as well as improving the care received by patients.

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