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How do you energise patients who believe their condition is incurable?
With the help of a grumpy old sock…

Creative brand deployment for fungus-free feet

In South Korea and Taiwan, athlete’s foot affects 54% of people, despite highly effective treatment options and strong awareness of the condition. Lamisil is their number one AF remedy, but it was facing communications fatigue and a lack of investment into the brand.

Over 41% of South Korean sufferers mistakenly believed the condition to be incurable. Flipside Health’s regeneration campaign focused on those long-suffering consumers who had tried to treat their AF but stopped early, believing that nothing would help.

Our broader strategy focused on educating customers on the correct application of the treatment and connecting on an emotional, less functional level. In our market research, we frequently heard feelings of helplessness and embarrassment amongst AF sufferers, and were keen to show them that their lives didn’t need to be this way.

With an original and fresh creative featuring Freddy and Baz, two loveable sock puppets in a classic odd couple relationship, we used empathy and humour to normalise AF and educate patients on how to kick the condition.

Supporting our creative work with careful research across audience demographics, purchase behaviour and media usage, we produced an activation calendar and assets including TV spots, in-store visuals and social media content. Freddy and Baz were a smash-hit, quickly becoming recognised characters across South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Overall, we protected Lamisil’s top spot and helped patients get back to an AF-free life.

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