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How can we use technology to relieve strain on the NHS?
With an app that gives anyone the tools to take their health into their own hands…

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Obesity is a major problem in the UK and puts unnecessary strain on the NHS every year. While the potentially fatal effects on public health are frightening, the good news is that with the right support, people can tackle the issue at home themselves. Providing a tool to help anyone and everyone do that, no matter how intimidated they felt by the prospect of starting to lose weight, was exactly what we set out to do with the Better Health app.

OHID already had a weight loss programme in place, but it was in dire need of modernisation. Information existed as PDFs, the user experience was poor, and as a result, usage was dismally low.

As well as providing a much-needed facelift to the user interface and journey, our reboot of the app streamlined access to information, putting knowledge at the user’s fingertips without barriers or difficult navigation. We added features allowing users to track their progress, log statistics and key data, and see motivational messages along the way.

The app’s average rating in the app store has increased from one star to four, making the Top 10 in the Health category across various app stores. Through this inclusive and accessible app, a total of 30,000 people (and counting) in the UK have empowered themselves to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way.

Top 10
in the Health category across various app stores
people (and counting) empowered to lose weight in a safe and sustainable
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