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How do you encourage a nation to take steps to reduce heart rate & diabetes?
With small behavioural changes that add up to big differences…

Because there’s only one you

OHID launched the Active 10 app three years ago to encourage more people to improve their health by incorporating brisk walks into their daily routine. It’s a part of the One You programme, which helps people make healthier lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of life-threatening illnesses such as Type two diabetes and heart disease. Active 10’s role was to take the fear factor out of regular exercise by making it simple and accessible. The concept for Active 10 remained strong, but the app needed a refresh.

It was Flipside Health’s job to reboot the Active 10 app with a new and improved user experience, making it simple, fun and intuitive to use. We also redeveloped the back end to make the app more stable and accurate in its recording of data, and less draining to the device’s battery. We implemented a system to improve tracking and evaluation that allowed PHE to assess the app’s impact on real-life behaviours. Finally, we incorporated new features like ‘Goals’ to build a personal motivational element into the app and added simplified walking data visualisations delivered in real-time.

With the new and improved Active 10, Flipside Health helped to PHE reduce rates of diabetes and heart disease by encouraging people to incorporate regular exercise into their daily routine.

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