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Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the topic for today. You know its good for you. So, why don’t some of us make time for it? Let me try to inspire you with 29 reasons I came up with. Nice prime number. Why exercise: … Continue reading

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Paleo/Primal Dinner Ideas

Roasted chicken is one of the meals I make the most frequently. It is so easy and delicious. Salt the chicken front and back, then bake at 375 degrees for about 1.5 hours. Save the carcass for bone broth. How … Continue reading

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Quick Meal #1-Super Entree Salad

Quick meals are an important food skill to learn in order to eat nutritiously, otherwise it is just too tempting to start stocking frozen meals, eat junk food, or drive to the nearest fast food joint. There are a few … Continue reading

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Paleo fx: Communing with My Tribe

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo/Primal conference in the country, which took place in Austin, Texas. As some of you know, by necessity due to health issues, I cannot eat gluten, dairy, and … Continue reading

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Eggplant Tincture for Skin Cancer

Say what? Homemade eggplant tincture is something you may want to try if you have been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or a precancerous condition called actinic keratosis. No kidding. I told my dermatologist about this and … Continue reading

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Dealing with Breakfast Boredom

It is not hard to find breakfast items for those who eat the normal breakfast fare, but for those who eat more Paleo/Primal due to necessity or preference, breakfast can be a bit more challenging. Here’s a new delicious favorite … Continue reading

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Quirky Thursday-Can Gray Hair Really Become Brown Again?

Check this oddity out. I came across something really weird the other day.  I had just finished blow drying my hair and found a long strand of hair on my face. When I took it off I noticed that half … Continue reading

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