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“I Don’t Want to Hate Christmas This Year” Campaign

I love Christmas. But I hate it too, and just go into survival mode each year as the season approaches and I am behind on everything. I love Christmas decorations, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, and atmosphere of anticipation along with … Continue reading

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Correlation of Brain Health & Nutrition

Dr. Terry Wahls in her book called “The Wahls Protocol” reports about The Oregon Brain Aging Study that was done in 2004 involving 104 adults with the mean age of 87 and the effects of various nutrients and anti-nutrients. They … Continue reading

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Probiotics-A Quick Take

I highly recommend probiotics. Anything pro is good, right? I recommend skipping conbiotics and amateurbiotics. Kidding aside, what are probiotics, you may ask? Probiotics are good bacteria that live on the lining of the intestines and are responsible for important … Continue reading

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Increase Your Happiness Level

We all want to be happy, right?  I wrote a post on happiness before, but I thought I would take another dive into it after reading an interesting article by Eric Barker titled, New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make … Continue reading

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Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the topic for today. You know its good for you. So, why don’t some of us make time for it? Let me try to inspire you with 29 reasons I came up with. Nice prime number. Why exercise: … Continue reading

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Paleo/Primal Dinner Ideas

Roasted chicken is one of the meals I make the most frequently. It is so easy and delicious. Salt the chicken front and back, then bake at 375 degrees for about 1.5 hours. Save the carcass for bone broth. How … Continue reading

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Quick Meal #1-Super Entree Salad

Quick meals are an important food skill to learn in order to eat nutritiously, otherwise it is just too tempting to start stocking frozen meals, eat junk food, or drive to the nearest fast food joint. There are a few … Continue reading

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